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Reiki 1 & 2 Immersion – The Most Loved Course –

This course is designed for those who want to follow their passion … some people possess an innate affinity for natural healing. You may be drawn to it, inspired by it, compelled by it. You may knowingly or unknowingly already actually somehow practice it. One of the greatest Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which can support the body’s natural healing.  This is such a popular healing technique that early booking on all of Melody’s Reiki Seichem courses is essential to avoid disappointment.

Saturday and Sunday 14th & 15th August 2021

$100 deposit required and balance of $450 at registration

For Deposit Bookings please – click here –

BONUS: Melody will be attuning the class to Reiki 1 & 2 as well as Seichem for the Heart, clearing past hurts and creating greater compassion. This Seichem ‘Attunement and Certification’ is a special bonus from Melody and is included in the weekend Reiki Gold Coast Training course as a complimentary gift.

Join a 3 Day Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner Training Immersion – Fri, Sat & Sun 27th, 28th, & 29th August 2021!

Bookings are essential as small groups only for Master Training – Early Bird Discount Applies. A deposit of $100 balance paid at registration, $695 full price including Early Bird Extension, normally $750.

For further information – please click here 

For bookings  – please click here 

Learn Tibetan Singing Bowls for Self Healing, Family & Friends
1-day Workshop – Friday 13th August 2021! 

~ This is an amazing introduction to working with the Singing Bowls!

Learn to help yourself plus your family and friends with Healing Sounds.
In this class you will learn foundational skills and techniques to help yourself plus your friends and family with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Healing Sounds.

Bookings are essential as small groups only –

For more information  – click here – The Course amount is $250 payment upon registration 14h May, 2021. For reservations please call Melody on 0418 776229

 Learn the Art of Healing with the Chakra Activation Method.

Learn about the Higher and Lower Chakras, Spinning the Chakras, Sounds for each chakra, and much more.
One Day Workshop at Burleigh on the Gold Coast

Friday 23rd July 2021 - Certified - Opening the flow allows for total body healing and allowing the pure essence of love and light to flow through the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Learn the powerful Chakra Activation Method to activate your Chakras including your Higher Chakras and Lower Chakras which go deep into the earth. You will receive a manual with all information taught, fully outlined with over 40 pages of tools for your healing toolbox. Learn codes to activate the higher and lower chakras. Ancient Healing Techniques.

For further info please – click here

Melody's Meditations One Day Workshop - Healing For Happiness 

Friday 6th August 2021 ~ For further info please - click here

Learn the art of clearing your energy field on the physical, emotional, mental, soul, and spirit levels, deleting stuck points of view, past decisions, negative beliefs, and emotions. Including other sources of such negative energies such as toxicity, environmental conditions, social and physical conditioning as well as relational traumas that might have happened in your life.

Quantum Cranial Activation is a ‘Hands-on’ transformation technique. Simply, by placing your hands on specific positions on and around the cranial area of the head, we are shifting stuck energies that have been holding limitations in place. By clearing the pathways of the brain, the midbrain is accessed, this is where miracles happen.

Quantum Cranial Activation Techniques for ‘Awakening Consciousness’ thru the art of ‘Hands-on-Healing’ There are specific positions on the head which, when lightly touched, effortlessly and easily facilitates the awakening of consciousness. In Traditional Oriental Medicine Acupuncture, these are referred to as ‘Acupoints’. In Indian Ayurvedic Medicine they’re referred to as ‘Nadi’s.

These positions are like openings, portals, or gateways of consciousness. These specific positions facilitate transformation. They release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive, such as limiting beliefs and sabotage patterns.

Quantum Cranial Activation allows you to let go of what you don’t want, to process and receive the changes you are choosing in life with ease.

Quantum Cranial Activation 2 Day Practitioner Course INCLUDING ~ Cellular Memory Stress Release Method ~

This Is a gentle hands-on technique, activating the master healing glands followed by placing the hands-on particular organs and positions, unlocking the trauma or limiting decisions that get locked into the body. For example, if there has been an accident or injury, illness or dis-ease. Once the cell is stuck with the memory, it is unable to go back and be ‘a healthy cell’.

This process is phenomenal, allowing the body to choose to heal.

It will be held on Saturday & Sunday 31st July & 1st August 2021 

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