Serenity: The Opposite of Internal Chaos

From Internal Chaos To Serenity

Many minds these days live in internal chaos. We worry all the time, we’re jealous and greedy, and we’re constantly trying to be and have more than we are. What our minds need is the opposite of internal chaos. Our minds need Serenity. Serenity is a state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. A mind with serenity will not harm others. It will be patient and kind. It will not suffer anxious or depressed thoughts. It will simply be.

Rock On If you’re feeling overwhelmed, put on your favorite song. After rocking out for a bit of relaxing, depending on your taste, you will feel energized and calmer. Rock and Roll was made as an outlet for pent up anger and pain, so use it! Rock those feelings out and return to your serenity. Meditate Meditation is a big deal these days, and you may be tired of hearing about it. Don’t tell me you can’t sit still and scroll to the next bold word. Stop, read, and focus. If you can’t sit still, that is an obstacle to serenity. It may allude to bigger problems like anxiety or pent up energy you need to use.

Meditation is a practice that puts you into your body, in the moment. Thoughts and feelings will flash through your head, but you are not to indulge them. Let them roll on by like a car on the road outside. You are serene. There are many ways to meditate. You can focus on a flame or picture, you can focus on your breath, and you can download an app of your choice for guided meditation. Like anything, you should start small. If you can’t sit still, try to just do it for a minute. Then up to it three the next week. Active Meditation is my favorite. Movement creates energy flow and balances the mind with the heart.

Stop Multitasking Some people claim they’re better at tasks when they multitask. That has proven false. You may merely feel like you are doing better while multitasking once. Maybe you need to do 2 something with your hands while you listen to a speaker, for instance. That is a focus technique, however, and not multitasking. If you are doing your hair, on the phone, and trying to eat all at once then you aren’t doing any of them very well. You might drop crumbs in the sink and mess up your hair.

Focus on one task at a time. This will allow you to devote the proper amount of attention to each different task so that you can do peacefully do them right.

Take Breaks Don’t forget to take a deep breath, step outside, or watch a video. Breaks are important and no matter who you are, you need them. Your eye health will also improve from frequent screen time breaks. So, find something that works for you! Some people need more breaks than others, and that’s fine.

What’s important is that you give yourself some rest after prolonged productivity. Maybe a sudoku game or quick round of solitaire will work for you. Getting outside is also great for your health, so go out there and take a walk.

Create a Serenity Trigger

A serenity trigger can be anything you focus on to remind you of serenity. For instance, my serenity trigger is “I imagine sitting on a comfortable chair, looking at a beautiful calm lake and feeling gratitude for the calmness that I am feeling.” When visualized, it reminds me “to take a few minutes away from what I’m doing to find serenity amidst the chaos.” Your serenity trigger can be anything. Maybe it’s a picture of your family or significant other that you keep in your wallet. Maybe it’s the sound of a waterfall or an accessory you can wear. Find something that makes you feel peace and use it as your serenity trigger.

Enjoy creating your Serenity Trigger With ease, joy and flow, Melody Bass Intuitive Healer Transformational Life Coach Meditation Teacher Sound Healer Teacher/Trainer Email:



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