As I look at my past, I release all regret & disappointment.


I am who I want to be. Today, I can attribute my happiness to the decisions I have made in years past. My challenges have allowed me to become the amazing person that I am.

My scars make me beautiful. They give me the power of knowledge and wisdom. My intuition is stronger than ever before. I have everything I need to survive and then some. To me, this is the definition of success.

I release my regret from yesterday and, instead, focus on today. Life is too short to wonder about what could have been. I take each day as it comes and make the best of every second.

If there’s one thing that my past has taught me, it is that negative moods create negative experiences. As a fan of positivity, I seek to create positive feelings in my life.

My family and friends are my driving force. Seeing their smiles gives me the motivation I need to maintain my positive outlook and reach for even more happiness.

Most people find it challenging to be 100% content with their lifestyle. I consider myself one of the fortunate few who are able to see the beauty in living simply.

Today, I make an honest effort to value my life for what it is. I have a happy, healthy family. I have a safe home. And I have a career that allows me to provide for my loved ones. What more could I ask for?

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I find it challenging to live for today rather than reminisce about days past?
  2. How can I be truly content with my current lifestyle?
  3. What can I do to release my regrets?

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