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Above All Healing incorporates: Transformational Life Coaching, Ultra Mind Hypnosis,  Quantum Transformational Healing, Reiki Healing Consultations, Courses,  Sound Healing Consultations and Courses at Burleigh on the Gold Coast:

Now offering online sessions through Skype or Zoom. One to one energy healing sessions with Melody Bass are deeply empowering and transformational. Working with your mind body AND spirit, clearing and healing as we talk, the healing continues long after the session has ended.

Energy Healer Melody Bass is located at beautiful Burleigh on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia,

Melody is known as an Energy Alchemist, offering individual healing sessions, online sessions, and Courses.

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Now is the time to create new beginnings.

Embracing gratitude and empowering intentions.

This is your life so claim and own the greatness of who you truly are!  All healing happens when fear is relinquished.

'Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions'.

Dalai Lama

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Melody presents a variety of workshops to assist you in transforming your life, connecting with you to help you develop and expand your talents and abilities, to make better choices, to find your life’s purpose and to live a more fulfilling balanced life with integrity, generosity of spirit, purity of intent and an open mind.


If you are feeling fear, anxious, uncertain at the moment, I can assure you, you are not alone.

It is important that we take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and emotions during this time.

Positive intentions can make a massive shift for yourself, family, community and the world.

The key is releasing suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs and self-doubt.

Anxiety, stress, and depression have become our present-day ailments.

The underlying root of stress is fear.

Fear not having enough, fear of the unknown, uncertainty, all of which creates over-stimulating the mind and nervous energy.

As you let go of your own fears and limiting beliefs, you also help to heal those you love and the world as we are all connected.

By healing the past negative thoughts feelings and emotions, you can experience happiness and open up to your infinite potential, we are all infinite beings with infinite possibilities.


We meet in my ZOOM room online, so you can work with me from the comfort of your own home.

The session time is approximately 60 minutes  (no extra charge if a session runs over).

Special Offer Packages are available.

Full Audio and Video replays are also available.

Fast and effective techniques to change your thoughts and transform your life!

Together we create a space of connection, trust, and openness.

You will identify your limiting beliefs, negative emotions such as fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety.

As an energy healer, clearing processes, tools, and techniques will be implemented by deleting blocked energy pathways in the body and mind. Put it simply, 'like weeding the garden creating clear channels for new growth and transformation'.

Our feelings, our thoughts, emotions and everything in the world around us is energy. What we experience is nothing but the memories of the past, the stress we went through, other energies or trauma. Everything that we experience is nothing but a memory stored within our body cells that are responsible for our current body conditions.
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To book your session please email Melody@AboveAllHealing.com.au

Our Expertise

About Melody

Melody is a ‘Transformational Life Coach’. With Melody, this ability is not only intuitive; it is a gift that is both rare and precious, and one that she openly will share with you.

Tapping into your natural talents and abilities, as well as creating a unique environment of personal harmony and balance. Her reassuring practiced guidance will cleanse your thoughts, accentuating an expanded wisdom and understanding. Your inherent ability to find answers to obstacles that plague you will be the positive result. You will experience serenity – an enhanced spiritual growth that will lovingly touch every dimension of your life.  Melody is situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Mail: melody@aboveallhealing.com.au
Phone: + 61418776229

Address: Burleigh on the Gold Coast, Qld, Aust.


what our client says

I have had the absolute pleasure of attending Reiki 1 & 2 Course with Melody Bass over the weekend and I cannot recommend this course higher! What an absolute delight! The manner in which Melody teaches is divine. She teaches from the heart and gives so much information through story telling and practice, adding so much of her own wisdom through her decades of experience. She is a phenomenal teacher! The environment in which we learned was beautiful and the extra Seichem Advanced Course we gained, at no extra cost. It was wonderful to learn so much, yet the manner in which Melody taught, kept the content effortless with much hands on practical experience. Melody kept our weekend interesting, fun and intriguing! Melody Bass is certainly a Master in her field and if you are considering doing a Reiki course - LOOK NO FURTHER! Thank you Melody from the bottom of my heart… You have changed my life!

Lori Wright, Gold Coast, Queensland

First of all, I’d like to thank you for this amazing opportunity. I’m truly blessed to learn from someone with a kind heart like you. Thanks for sharing all your wisdom, experience and knowledge. I highly recommend Reiki Seichem to anyone who’s in the constant search of spiritual grow or self awareness. Definitely it would be beneficial for personal improvement and also to guide others in their healing process. I’m looking forward to take another course with you sometime soon.

Infinite ♾ thanks 🙏🏽 G. Bryan – Brisbane

I recently spent a life-changing 2 days with Melody doing Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and magnetic healing and cannot thank her enough for her gift of time, kindness and enlightenment. This unforgettable experience was vibrant, touching, powerful and set my heart and soul free. I felt joyful, entered a fascinating unknown world of energies, signs and beauty in a calm and nurturing environment. Her loving energy removed obstacles within me, unblocked channels, freed me to gain access to new dimensions and unlocked my true healing potential. Thank you Melody for your precious gift – I am eternally grateful for your love and kindness.

Farahnaz ~ Gold Coast

When I first saw Melody I was depressed and felt apathetic towards my family, friends and uni. I come from a stable, secure home with a lot of love and boundaries. Yet, I felt so alone and disconnected that I couldn’t find joy in any situations. The moment I met her I got an instant feeling of love and comfort, and even now I can feel Melody’s big ball of warmth and good energy as soon as I park my car outside her house. After spending some time with her I realized I did not have depression or anxiety. Nor was I gone mad. I was one of many people who experienced a spiritual crises disguised as a mental illness because my need for something greater than myself was not fulfilled. Melody knows what you need before you say it or even before you know it yourself. With her guidance and her provided tools, she has enabled me to open my mind, expand my consciousness and more importantly, start loving myself again. She also made me break out of the state of apathy so that I was able to finish my Masters degree. Basically, she has changed the way I look at life and she keeps blowing my mind with her presence and strength as well as her love and light. I have always had a hard time asking for help, but I’ll never regret asking Melody. As I am writing this I realize that she probably saved my life. For that I will always be humble and grateful to my guardian angel and #1 mentor.

Andrea Forbord ~ Gold Coast, from Norway

The Reiki 1 & 2 Seichem Healing Course was fantastic, Melody was so welcoming and from the very start, she put me at ease and made the environment and atmosphere enjoyable. The structure of the course was fantastic and really comfortable learning environment, always asking for feedback and if we had any questions, also very clear on describing situations and content of the course in a way that was relatable. I would 100% recommend this course and Melodys teaching style. absolutely fantastic, and as Melody would say, (and now I say) how does it get any better than this?

~ D. Hurley Gold Coast.

Happy clients

"Experiencing the Sound Healing with Melody has helped me let go of wanting to control. During my healing sessions, I am so much more intuitive, raising to a higher level of consciousness and breaking through patterns and programmes, physically, mentally and emotionally and my creativity has opened up so much, allowing me to access my talents and abilities. Being a big thinker, Sound Healing and Coaching has been the greatest benefit to my life. Melody utilizes, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls , Tuning Forks and a vast array of sound tools, this has really has helped me balance the right and left hemispheres of my brain."

D. Learmonth – Gold Coast

Happy clients

"Through the last few months Melody taught me so much I will be eternally grateful for. Thanks to Melody I found my truth purpose on earth and she guided me into the right direction. She introduced me to the beautiful magic of tibetan sound bowls and I have never experienced anything stronger. Thank you Melody for being such a magical person!" Endless Love,

Michèle ~ Gold Coast from Switzerland

"Thank you, Melody. Working with Melody through Transformational Life Coaching and Sound Healing has helped me tremendously. It has profoundly helped me to cope holistically with my health challenges. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have learnt from someone with a beautiful loving nature, a wealth of knowledge and experience and a guru of Coaching and Sound Healing. I highly recommend anyone wanting/searching to learn from the best Teacher on the Gold Coast, to feel more in-tune and connected with yourself and others. Thank you Melody,

Costa, Gold Coast

Happy Clients

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